The Mikado

2013 - 2014


One of Gilbert and Sullivan's most popularly produced and yet problematic operettas, The Mikado has drawn increasing criticism with the growing awareness of cultural appropriation. Satirizing British society and government under the guise of an ersatz Japanese setting, this piece has traditionally involved white actors portraying Asian stereotypes very much in line with 19th-century Orientalist prejudices. Consequently, The Mikado's cultural representations have failed to withstand the test of time in the way that its beautiful music has. When the McGill Savoy Society last presented this operetta for its 50th anniversary in 2014, the creative team attempted to approach the piece with cultural sensitivity by conscientiously avoiding yellowface in the makeup of the actors, unlike previous productions of the show, and by further hiring teachers of authentic Japanese dancing to work with the cast. The production was praised by the McGill Daily and did not attract any controversy at the time. However, the social awareness of our artistic community has continued to grow, and we at the McGill Savoy Society must make even greater efforts to address the cultural appropriation inherent in Gilbert and Sullivan's text, and staunchly condemn the racism that has marred productions of this show, including those throughout our own company's history.

"Perhaps what makes this production brilliant is the adroitness the Savoy Society shows in keeping heavy issues lighthearted, in a way Gilbert and Sullivan themselves would have been delighted to witness."

Lee Park, The McGill Daily

Director: Cameron MacLeod

Producer: Shivani Seth

Music Director: Justin Pambianchi

Stage Manager: Marrisa Lewis


Mikado: Xavier Gervais-Dumont

Nanki-Poo: John Cook, Gabriel Campagne

Yum-Yum: Dallas Chorley, Allegra Johnston

Ko-Ko: Nathaniel Hanula-James

Pooh-Bah: Jonah Spungin

Pitti-Sing: Saskia Rolland-Bezem

Peep-Bo: Miranda Tuwaig

Katisha: Claire Rollans

Pish-Tush: Michael Loewen


Allegra Johnston, Jean-Francois Raynaud, Anna Queen, Joel Fink, Eden Rusnell, Nick Burns, Erika Davis,

Judith Portelance, Shant Boodaghians,

Grace Miller-Day, Stephen Reimer, Grace Wiebe,

Travis Holt, Rithica Storm,

Yariv Barsheshat, Sharon Miller

Executive Team 2013-2014

President: Erika Davis

Vice President: Claire Rollans

Secretary: Daniel Carter

Treasurer: Yariv Barsheshat

Publications Director: Cai Cheng

Cast Members at Large: Grace Miller-Day, Nathaniel Hanula-James

Orchestra Member at Large: Athena Pierquet

Publicity Director: Rachel Winer

Sponsorship Director: Ally Jiang


Concertmaster: Rebecca Jacobson

Violin 1: Thomas Kucharski, Nigel Penny, Athena Pierquet

Violin 2: Capucine Cloutier. Tara Fartash-Naini,

Emily Humphries. Gary Tom

Viola: Alex Andrews, Steven Craig

Cello: Ali Toltz

Double-Bass: Josh Bullen

Flute: Carina Fan, Diana Farnand, Caitlin Berger

Oboe: Xavier Mootoo

Clarinet: Julia Donahue, Joanna Papamihelakis, Emily Gray

Bassoon: Aviner Hartwick

Horn: Vaughan Cooke, Kaitlin Winter

Trumpet: Conor Corrigan, Cameron Thomson, Sunny Wei

Percussion: Gillian Chen, Ju Y Lee

Euphonium: Aaron Chan, Thomas Burton,

Heather Worling, Chris Paul


Additional Creative Team

Assistant Music Director: Ben Kepes

Chorus Master: Thomas Burton

Choreographer: Kristine Song

Set Designer: Jean-Claude Olivier

Lighting Designer: Alex Levesque

Costume Designer: Celina Krenn

Production Manager: Vivian Ng

Assistant Costume Designers: Vanessa Basbas,

Amelie Hurtubise

Lighting Operator: Maia de Graaf

Sound Operator: Renato Knots

Vocal Coach: Timothy Wilfong

Rehearsal Pianists: Daniel Arthur. Elena Motovilova,

Laura Shen

Hair/Makeup: Erika Davis, Emma McQueen

Assistant Stage Managers: Katy James, Laura Johnston

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