2018 - 2019

Virtue clashes with villainy as the latest baronet of Ruddigore defies the ancestral curse binding him to commit daily crimes on pain of death. Bashful Robin Oakapple has hidden his true identity as the accursed Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, but his terrible secret jeopardizes his courtship of the straitlaced Rose Maybud, who also captures the heart of Robin’s foster-brother. Pastoral choruses, mock-Wagnerian orchestrations, and frenzied patter songs enhance Gilbert and Sullivan’s wry send-up of gothic melodrama.

"Stunning scenic elements, clever staging, fine voices, and a lush-sounding orchestra." 

~ Camila Fitzgibbon, Montreal Theatre Hub

"Love, Betrayal and Fantastical Gothic elements make The McGill Savoy Society’s latest production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Ruddigore highly entertaining!"

~Genevieve Roy, Gen's Delights, PBS Mountain Lake

"[A] beautifully created ensemble piece [....] There isn’t anyone on the stage who doesn’t appear to be having fun - which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all."

~ Sharman Yarnell-Massey, Curtains Up



This production was dedicated to the memory of Roger Andrews (1950-2018).

Moyse Hall

853 Sherbrooke Street West

McGill University, Montreal

February 8th - 7:30 PM

February 9th - 2:00 PM | 7:30 PM

February 15th - 7:30 PM

February 16th - 2:00 PM | 7:30 PM


Robin Oakapple/Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd: Didier Blach-Laflèche, Matthew Erskine

Rose Maybud: Angela Marino, Emma Victoria

Sir Despard Murgatroyd: Jonathan Howes, Matthew Mckeown

Mad Margaret: Allyson Goff, Judith Portelance

Richard Dauntless: Aaron Meredith
Dame Hannah: Sara Wunsch

Sir Roderic Murgatroyd: Arthur Anderson
Old Adam/Gideon Crawle: Richard Orlando


Zorah: Tianhui Guo

Ruth: Caeleigh McDonald

Eden Augustine

Kateryna Fylypchuk
Marie Levandier

Natalie Demmon

Rebecca Turner


Ben Markbreiter

Michael Quinsey

Natalie Demmon
Neel Soman

Philippe Courtemanche

February 8 & 9, 7:30 pm  -----  February 16, 2:00 pm

Matthew Erskine, Angela Marino, Jonathan Howes, Allyson Goff

February 9, 2:00 pm  -----  February 15 & 16, 7:30 pm   

Didier Blach-Laflèche, Emma Victoria, Matthew McKeown, Judith Portelance

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