The Pirates of Penzance

2016 - 2017

Photos courtesy of Cai Cheng Photography

"a Broadway-quality piece of university theatre...

professional and impressive.
The directing choices of Roger Andrews create both a visually interesting show, and one of beauty."
— Abby Luddy-Dunn, Leacock's

" a madly entertaining show" ... "filled to
the brim with charisma and quirk”

Niklas Kaemmerer, The McGill Tribune

Director: Roger Andrews

Producer: Marc Ducusin

Music Directors: Nicholas Burns

Stage Manager: Ella Martindale


Mabel: Sevan Kochkarian, Patricia Weber
Frederic: Sebastien Comtois, Gabriel Campagne
The Pirate King: Aaron Meredith
Ruth: Olivia Barnes, Lindsay Peets
Major General: Scott Cope
Sergeant of Police: Jonathan Howes
Samuel: Alex Toope
Edith: Nicole Burke
Isabel: Talia Fuchs, Sunny Sheffman
Kate: Paige Palenski

Chorus of Pirates and Policemen

James Cordell, Guy Ettlin, Dominique Fontaine, Cassidy Gordon, Scott MacDonald, Charles Moatti, Adrian Nagy, Tristan Roy, Alex Townsend, Pedro Zaya

Chorus of Sisters

Barbara Egan, Irina Ghitulescu, Angela Marino, Hannah Moloshok, Noémie Niox-Chateau, Natasha Ovchinnikova, Charlotte Scott-Frater, Sarah Webb

Executive Team

President: Lindsay Peets

Vice President: Hannah Moloshok

Treasurer: Adrian Nagy

Secretary: Alex Toope

Sponsorship Director: Quinn Boersma

Marketing Director: Hannah Moore

Publications Director: Cai Cheng

Cast Member-at-Large: Talia Fuchs

Cast Member-at-Large: Aaron Meredith

Orchestra Member-at-Large: Bohui Liu


Violin: Jana Kaminsky, Bohui Liu
Viola: Will Duffy, Nicole Pagaling
Cello: Grace Wiebe, Emma Grant-Zypchen
Flute: Erica Wong, Camille Malard
Oboe: Charles-Eric Fontaine
Clarinet: Emily Gray, Sam Min
Horn: Anna Pearson
Trumpet: Zainen Suzuki,

Duncan Campbell,

Chris Price,

Ben Parker
Trombone: Marie-Ange Boislard
Percussion: Paul Finckel

Additional Creative Team

Assistant Producer: Matthew McKeown

Assistant Director: Sophia Metcalf

Assistant Music Director: Calum Jensen

Set Designer: Jean-Claude Olivier

Costume and Props Designers: Coralie & Nicole Heiler

Lighting Designer: Gaspard Nahmias

Sound Designer: Emma Van Esbroeck

Makeup Designer: Sophia Chau Hoang

Production Managers: Rana Liu, Natjelly Lozada

Assistant Stage Managers: Maya Caplan, India de Saint Phalle

Chorus Master: Jason Dan

Graphics Designer: Cai Cheng

Videographer: Benjamin Warner / Beanduck Productions

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